246 Bradford Street

She knew much about history. She knew much geography. Mary Cecilia Lewis (1910-2001) was, for 40 years, a teacher at Provincetown High School, specializing in geography and history. (“Mary Cecilia Lewis, 91,” The Banner, Dec. 6, 2001.) She was popular enough that her home room class presented her with a cashmere sweater on her 49th birthday. She lived here most — if not all — of her life, so her presence would have loomed large in any event. But the fact that the house has largely been abandoned for the last decade makes it that much easier to imagine her ghost peering out from the shuttered windows.

Her parents, who also lived here, were Frank Joseph Lewis (b ±1880), a mail carrier, and Isabel Carmen Lewis (b ±1886). The house is currently owned by Darin Janoplis and his cousin, Mark Janoplis. (Darin Janoplis and his sister, Donna Hough, are children of Michael Janoplis Jr., the longtime proprietor of the Mayflower Café at 300 Commercial Street, and now run the restaurant.)

[Updated 2012-01-09]




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