252 Bradford Street

Mary Campbell, sister of Philip Alexander, was a “renowned chef” who converted 252 Bradford Street — built around 1850 in the Greek Revival style — into the Little Chowder Bowl restaurant, “famous for lobster bisque, clam chowder and fresh blueberry pies.” Be sure to see the comments below on the history of the house in recent decades.

4 thoughts on “252 Bradford Street

  1. I have lived in this house on and off since the mid-80’s (now owned by my ex-husband who lives on MV). When we moved in originally, Phlly Alexander (248 Bradford) brought flowers from his incredible garden which was kept up by Jim Bakker and Russell Bigelow when the lived there. Napi lived in this house also and remembers a ‘victory garden’ in the back yard and explained to me the reason for the tin ceilings being installed (plaster kept getting damaged by the rumble of the trains) some of which are still here. The kitchen is large and I can visualize what it must have been as a small cafe.

  2. My family lived in this house from 1965? til 1983-ish. During that time there was a front porch across the front of the house with an awning above. There was also a fence across the front of the property, a weeping willow in the front and a grape vine, as well as a crab apple tree in the back.

  3. Jim – Thanks! We bought the house from Sheila (your mom?) and Dick in 1986 and the porch came off when the the house was given clapboards and shingles in early 1987. The willow and crab apple tree were, alas, gone by the time I moved in.

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