264-268 Bradford Street

Mount Pleasant House

With its deep, picturesque, wrap-around porch, Mount Pleasant House is immediately recognizable as the Victorian guest house it once was. It sits on one of the largest undivided lots in town, running one-fifth of a mile to Route 6 and 80 yards along Bradford, all the way to the garage with “Studios” over the door. Mount Pleasant was built around 1890, not long after the Old Colony Railroad opened up the town to tourism. It was run by Mary Days at the turn of the century. John A. Francis, of Francis’s Flats at 577 Commercial, owned the land. Ross Moffett (1888-1971) and Bruce McKain (1900-1990) had studios here as, more recently, did Rick Fleury, whose landscape paintings include a Dialogue series that echoes the proportions of works by Mark Rothko, who once lived nearby. The property has been owned since 1963 by Arnold F. Dwyer and his family.

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