312-320 Bradford Street

The east and west lot lines of this property, if extended to the Atlantic, encompass the only privately-owned dune shack in the Cape Cod National Seashore. That’s because the property once did extend to the dune shack. Imagine: a house on Bradford Street with a back yard on the ocean! Both the shack and this family compound belong to the Malicoat clan, art-colony aristocracy, many of whom have lived or summered here. They include Florence (Bradshaw) Brown (±1870-1957); her daughter, the graphic artist Barbara Haven (Brown) Malicoat, who illustrated the Walking Tour booklets and is pictured at left with her husband, the painter Philip Cecil Malicoat (1908-1981), who studied with Charles W. Hawthorne and Henry Hensche, formed a triumvirate with Bruce McKain and George Yater, and bought this property.

Their son Conrad Malicoat, is a sculptor whose signature work is flowing brick chimneys and walls. His wife is Anne Lord and their daughters are Robena Malicoat, an artist who continues to use her grandfather Philip’s studio; Galen Malicoat and Bronwyn Malicoat. Conrad’s sister, Martha (Malicoat) Dunigan (±1934-2001); her husband, Philip Dunigan; and their daughters, Orin Dunigan, Breon Dunigan and Seanad Dunigan have also used the compound.

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6 thoughts on “312-320 Bradford Street

  1. My mother, Martha Malicoat Dunigan, taught fine art/sculpture at the North Carolina School of the Arts for 35 years. She was a great artist whose Cape Cod influence was in all her art. She and my sister Breon and cousin Robena are the real working artists of the family since my grandfather’s passing. Berta Walker started her gallery expressly to show my mom. She taught so many how to swim in the 1950s as the Red Cross swim teacher, but then taught so many to realize their artistic potential. She was an amazing artist.

  2. I was wondering where I could find more information about Mr Malicoats brick sculpture work in chimney work. I am a Mason livin on the Cape who actually constructed the Malicoats new homes chimney wich I like to refer to as the modern rendition of mr. Malicoats origional vision. More sclupture than functionality. Im proud to say !

  3. The Malicoats are such a wonderful family!!! I’ve known them all and loved them for over 70 years! Sadly, Conrad passed away just two days ago. He wil be dearly missed.
    My sister Hatty has 2 of Conrad’s beautiful sculptural fireplaces in her home in Provincetown.

  4. what type of establishment was Cape End Club? It was located next to the Lobster Pot restaurant. My mother worked there.

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