67 Bradford Street

Brass Key Guesthouse

The deluxe Brass Key Guesthouse has 42 rooms and multiple entries, since it’s grown by accretion into a large compound. The expansion was the work of Michael MacIntyre and his husband, Bob Anderson, who died in 2004. (They also refurbished Land’s End Inn at 22 Commercial Street.) Thomas Walter, Kenneth Masi and David Sanford, the owners of Crowne Pointe Historic Inn and Spa, acquired the property in 2007.

The Brass Key’s buildings each have their own designations.

• Here at 67 Bradford is the Carriage House, built in 1996.

• At 8 Carver Street is the Queen Anne House.

• At 10 Carver Street is the Victorian House.

• At 12 Carver Street is the Gatehouse.

• At 9 Court Street is the Captain’s House.

¶ Updated 2012-11-27

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