90 Bradford Street

Fairbanks Inn

Other inns may come across like museums, but this actually was one. The Federal-style house was built in 1776 by a sea captain, Eban Snow. It was purchased in 1826 by David Fairbanks, a founder of the Seamen’s Savings Bank, and in 1865 by a tin merchant, Charles Baxter Snow Sr., and his wife, Anna (Lancy) Snow.

It passed to their daughter, Gertrude (Snow) DeWager, and her husband, Dr. E. A. DeWager, staying in the family until 1953. Stan Sorrentino, the owner of the Crown & Anchor and a collector of American folk art, opened it in 1975 as the David Fairbanks House, filled with more than 1,000 examples of folk art made between 1776 and 1876. Since 1985, it has been the 14-room Fairbanks Inn, formerly run by Lynette Molnar and Sabrina Riddle and now by Alicia Mickenberg and Kathleen Fitzgerald.

One thought on “90 Bradford Street

  1. I worked here for almost 5 years working From 98- 2002 for Lynette Molnar and Sabrina Riddle. At one time there was some construction done in one of the rooms and all of us that worked there wrote our names down on a piece of paper with the date and stuck it in the wall before it was sealed up.

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