105 Bradford Street Extension

Chateau Provincetown

Sprawled over a 10-acre hilltop site, the sheer size of the 55-room Chateau Provincetown (c1950) — known previously as the Chateau Motel and as the Best Western Chateau Motor Inn — is unlike anything in town. Two generations of the Gordon family have been involved: William H. Gordon and Emily Gordon; William A. Gordon and Charlotte L. Gordon.

In 2007, Bill Gordon proposed tearing down the motel and converting the property into a 10-lot subdivision, but the Chateau was still ouvert in 2010.









One thought on “105 Bradford Street Extension

  1. Correction: I never proposed tearing down the Chateau, which my father built in 1958. I was 12 years old when he built it and worked there my entire life. My wife and I purchased the property from my parents in 1992 and we purchased the former “Tides” property in 1993 from Wayne and Carol McCabe. In my opinion, if the Town of Provincetown had not forced us out of the Bay Harbour project, we would still be in Provincetown operating the Chateau. See 837 Commercial St.

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