17 Alden Street

In judging the age of this house, what are you going to go by? The classic gable-end form of the house, or the fairly modern window treatment? Choose the former — this was built around the time of the Civil War. J. Asavedo owned it in 1910, Caroline A. Dirsa in 1956. It is today the home of the artist Patricia R. Bruno (b 1948), who has lived in town more than three decades and once designed sets and costumes for the Provincetown Theater Company. • Historic District Survey (1) • Historic District Survey (2) • Assessor’s Online Database ¶ Posted 2012-10-26

4 thoughts on “17 Alden Street

  1. I was the director [1983-1986] of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. I have started reading your blog. I am only on Alden Street and I just wanted to add a few comments:

    The very talented sculptor Lila Katzen lived on Alden Street, as well as Arthur Cohen, painter, and his wife, Elizabeth [Rodgers], pianist. Also the Rilleau family, who for years designed the best custom-fit leather sandals anywhere.

    These people were all in Provincetown long before Khristine Hopkins and Donny Beal [18 Alden Street] and should be mentioned.

    Good luck. This is a great project.

    • Thank you very much for your suggestions, emendations and kind words. And welcome to the Building Provincetown readership.

      I’m happy to tell you there is already a brief mention of Mr. Cohen and Ms. Rodgers at 313 Bradford Street, and of the Rilleaus (Rilleaux?) at 5 Allerton Street. These will all be expanded as the project evolves, thanks in part to comments like yours.

  2. My folks bought 17 Alden St in 1947 and it was my home until I went off to college in 1959. They sold the house in 1961 and moved to North Truro where they spent the rest of their lives. Tom Dirsa

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