† 2 Bradford Street

Mary’s Snack Bar (Mary Spaghetti’s)

From the 40s through the 60s, this side shack (c1880) was Mary’s Snack Bar, run by Mary Souza. Open until 3 a.m., it was a popular rendezvous with “night prowlers,” as The Advocate put it. Reportedly among those prowlers once were Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. What made it popular among the nocturnal set, of course, made it anathema to the neighbors, including Clarence Kacergis, who had Souza hauled up for censure by the Selectmen in 1959, saying he could not sleep. Mary’s claims to fame were clamburgers and pepper steak, but the joint was also known as Mary Spaghetti’s, suggesting another specialty of the house — besides general uproar. ¶ Updated 2012-11-13

3 thoughts on “† 2 Bradford Street

  1. This was my Nana’s place. She was a loving , fun lady with a big heart! The best cool in p. town known for her kale soup. Her family loves. & misses her every day.

    • I am proud of my Nanas place in PTown history. I have years of great memories in “Mary’s Snackbar” pulling “tonics” out off the big ice chest in the back and staying up late watching the action. Loved it and my Nana. Miss both very much. They are a big part of me!

    • Donna, not sure you’ll see this, but we are “cousins”. Mary was my grandmother (by marriage). I’m Larry’s (Carter) daughter.

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