25 Bangs Street

Provincetown counts among its citizens many heroes of the sea. One of the most conspicuous was John C. Corea, who lived in this house (c1870/80) with his wife, Rosella Corea. He spent his boyhood fishing with his father aboard the Leona & Gabriel. In the Coast Guard in 1954, he was commanding the Nantucket Lightship when it was hit by a 70-foot wave during Hurricane Edna. He helped save his crew and vessel. He also commanded the Wood End and Race Point Lifesaving Stations and was credited by The Banner with restoring amity between the Coast Guard and the fishing fleet after Prohibition. The last act of his long public career was as town assessor, a post he held until 1972.

2 thoughts on “25 Bangs Street

  1. I am Paul Mendes, son of Leona Mendes and nephew of John Corea. What a great achievement you are creating. I am a third-generation P’towner. Also served on the Provincetown Police, 1970-2000. I will be glad to assist you in any way I can. My father-in-law, Joe Andrews, age 90, has a great memory. Example: at 8 years old, he would sit at Sal’s Restaurant — then a boatyard — and listen to the old whaler captains talk. He began as a boatbuilder there at age 12.

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