26 Bradford Street

Archer Inn

A steep front yard leads to the house (1853) where Mary Ellen Zora lived. She was a founder of the town’s Camp Fire Girls unit in the 1940s and was the daughter of Capt. Manuel Zora. From 1978 to 1985, the property was run by Stephen Milkewicz and Ronald A. Schleimer as the Lamplighter Guest House and Cottage. It was also the Archer Inn, before returning to private use.

One thought on “26 Bradford Street

  1. I’m the partner of Ronald A. Schleimer. We lived in, and ran the Lamplighter Guest House & Cottage 26 Bradford Steet From 1978-1985. I am now on the Historical Commission.

    [Thank you for this information. It’s been added to the narrative. DWD]

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