3 Allerton Street

Behind the main house (1938) at 3 Allerton Street is a small shed that has served for years as an artist’s studio – now used in summers by the painter Bert Yarborough, a faculty member at the Fine Arts Work Center and at Colby-Sawyer College; formerly by the sculptor Paul Bowen. “It is a great little space,” Yarborough said. “But my best studio is Hatches Harbor out at the end of Herring Cove beach!”
Yarborough was married to Cynthia Huntington, who wrote The Salt House about their experiences in the dune shack Euphoria.

3 thoughts on “3 Allerton Street

  1. It should be mentioned that the house at 3 Allerton, where I have lived since 1995, was built in 1938 by James S. Thomas, a skilled carpenter also widely known for transporting residents to their shacks in the dunes in his Model A. He and his wife Edith, a talented artist in her own right, who died in 1994, raised two children here. Their son Jonathan, forever remembered for climbing up the outside of the Monument one July night in 1959, died in 1978 from injuries suffered in a fall from a roof near his home in Vermont. Their daughter, Michal Thomas Barnes, still owns the house.

    Jim Thomas’s father, Fred, who lived across the street at 620 Commercial Street, outlived both his son and grandson. He died in 1979 at the age of 100.

    Jim, incidentally, also built the workshop across the backyard of 3 Allerton that became Arthur Cohen’s home at 313 Bradford Street. He also built the three-car garage in the yard of 3 Allerton, onto which his son, Jonathan, later built the studio for Edith. Many other artists have used the garage and studio as workspace, including the late Debbie Kahn, known for her Scribblefish Pottery.

    • Dan, thank you so much for this important history. I’ll be sure to account for it in the book and on the website.

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