31 Bradford Street

Carreiro’s Tip for Tops’n

From the name (“Tip of the Cape for Tops in Service”) to the décor to the satisfyingly good Portuguese food, Carreiro’s Tip for Tops’n is a throwback in every sense except its popularity, which is undiminished after 50 years. Ernest L. Carreiro, a native of São Miguel in the Azores, ran Anybody’s Market in this building until the early 1950s, when he opened Tip. He died in 1961. The business was acquired in 1966 by Edward C. “Babe” Carreiro of New Bedford, who had skippered the Jenny B, and his wife, Eva (Cook) Carreiro.

It passed to their sons Joseph C. Carreiro and Gerald E. Carreiro. His widow, Joyce Carreiro, is the family member who often greets patrons today. The ship models in cases, including the Shirley & Roland (under a big bluefin tuna), were built by “Babe.” He also caught that 28-pound lobster on the rear wall.

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4 thoughts on “31 Bradford Street

  1. Babe, Jerry, Joey…they were the best. Joyce too. Always that smiling youthful face, ringing up sales. “Party of two. Window?”

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