34 Bradford Street

Though the Dutch never came this way, there are numerous examples of Dutch Colonial architecture in town, barnlike houses and studios with distinctive gambrel roofs, like 160 Bradford Street, 295 Bradford Street, the Spear family cottages in the far East End, and — of course — the Hawthorne Class Studio. This house was built in 1880. Manuel Cabral lived at 34 Bradford Street. A history of the family’s involvement in this property is included in the comment below from Richard Vizard. ¶ Updated 2013-12-18

3 thoughts on “34 Bradford Street

  1. Cabral’s Market was directly to the left of 34 Bradford (the yard between 34 Bradford and 32 Bradford). 34 Bradford was always a standalone house. My great-grandparents, Mary and Manny Cabral, lived at 34 Bradford, along with my grandmother, Barbara Cabral Oppen. After my great-grandmother’s passing, my parents moved into the house (Bonnie Oppen and Joel Vizard) in 1978.

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