86 Atkins-Mayo Road

The sign requests your courtesy in staying out of this compound at the end of Atkins-Mayo Road, but there is much to tantalize: the improvised artwork around the fence, the vintage yellow Volkswagen Beetle parked outside and some of the things glimpsed within — including a composition of crutches that is almost worthy of Louise Nevelson. This property was owned until 1972 by Mary Spencer Nay (1913-1993), a painter from Kentucky who studied with Boris Margo in Provincetown. In 1971, she was named distinguished professor of art education at the University of Louisville. The following year, she divested herself of several tracts of property along Atkins-Mayo Road, which were acquired by Margo, Murray Zimiles, Josephine Del Deo and John L. Frank.
If that John Frank and this John Frank are the same, Frank is an artist specializing in meditative pieces inspired by tantric mandalas. He studied with Robert Motherwell, served on the board of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum and was director of the art association school. He sold this property in 1986 to John Eder.

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