Building Provincetown: The Entire Book as a PDF

BP7 copy

In 2018, the second printing of the book sold out. But you can download it as a PDF by clicking here or on the image above.

6 thoughts on “Building Provincetown: The Entire Book as a PDF

  1. Thx. David I would love a print copy but it will Oct. before we are on the Cape and still don’t know if we can get down home. My wife has stage 4 Cancer so we will going to Dana Farber in Bos. and to our Grandsons wedding on the Vineyard. We will try to get there and hope they still have copies. Thx again for all you have done.

    Jack original Message—–

  2. Will you be ordering another print run? I want a copy but live in Hyannis…hardly ever get to Ptown. Thanks, Julia

    Sent from my iPad Julia Oliver


    • Thank you, Julia. The Historical Commission will be discussing the matter at its September meeting. Fingers crossed.

      • Thank you for all your hard work! I knew I should have picked up my copies while I there. Great Christmas gift! I have my fingers crossed too!!!

  3. Wonderful – I studied with Morris Davison at his barn in Provincetown for one summer and through out high school I studied with him in the city on Saturdays! It was the best experience of my life – he taught me how to mix colors with a minimum pallet and how to view scenery with an abstract eye – using nuns in the forest to name a few as an exercise! After that I and to art school at PAFA and U of PA and studied at various other schools etc. I went on to major in Communication Arts – computer art – I also worked for years for my mother who ran an educational foundation of which I took over for 17 years. Now I have my Art Studio and My Artist’s Gardens 360 all around and I have two websites – one for the artist and for the educational not for profit foundation which I set up to honor my parents memory! Would you like to apply for a grant?

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