Josephine Del Deo (1925-2016)

Josephine & Salvatore Del Deo 2014 A © David W Dunlap - Building Provincetown.jpg

Josephine Del Deo was a writer, poet and Muse of True History (to quote Harry Kemp); guardian of the Province Lands, the historical ensemble of Provincetown, the dune shacks and the Center Methodist Church; wife of Sal and mother of Giovanna and Romolo Del Deo; and an early, steady friend of Building Provincetown.

Here they are at home on Atkins-Mayo Road.

And here they are out at Frenchie’s shack.

This is her obituary in The New York Times.

It is hard to imagine Provincetown without Josephine, but I suppose we’ll have to.

As often as I come to here, to the end of it,
Sinking down sunset;
Winging my heart’s passage with the gull,
As often do I rediscover heaven.





One thought on “Josephine Del Deo (1925-2016)

  1. I am deeply saddened at Josephine’s passing. I had called Jo and Sal a few months ago and left a message wishing them well. She was a great lady.

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