18 Aunt Sukey’s Way to Bangs Street

2017 Previews Page 11.pngStructure by structure, Building Provincetown 2020 is starting to take shape. It will eventually include every habitable building in town, as well as many sheds and studios; plus dozens of historical buildings that no longer exist; along with hundreds of vessels, past and present. Here is the link for the eight entries from 18 Aunt Sukey’s Way to Bangs Street.

2 thoughts on “18 Aunt Sukey’s Way to Bangs Street

  1. Here’s a quick question for you: I have been Provincetown’s Assistant Assessor for the past 18 or so years. During that time, I have made numerous inquiries trying to determine who Aunt Sukey was and why this street was named for her. I have never succeeded. Do you have any knowledge of this that you would be willing to share with me?

    Thank you for your time as well as the continued efforts you have put in writing Building Provincetown. Best wishes for an enjoyable and interesting 2017!

    • Honestly, this has been one of the most frustrating and elusive of all my research quests over the last decade. I’m afraid I have nothing to share with you — not even urban myth, folklore or speculation. What compounds my investigatory agony is the feeling that there are people out there who know the answer, and that they may be at a vulnerable, advanced age. Let’s keep digging, though. Provincetown deserves an answer. And so does Sukey, whomever she may be.

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