3 Conant Street

Built between 1850 and 1870, according to the Historic District Survey, this 1,800-square-foot house was the home of Mary A. Rogers (b ±1904), a teacher, and Joseph A. Rogers (b ±1897), a taxi operator. The property passed from Mary Rogers in 1977 to her daughter, Evelyn Rogers Gaudiano (b 1931), a 1948 graduate of Provincetown High School, and her husband, Philip Gaudiano (b 1927), of Quincy. The couple were married in 1952. Phyllis A. Allison now owns the property through the Philip and Evelyn Gaudiano Trust, the Assessor’s Online Database notes.

4 Conant Street

Grand View Inn

The Grand View Inn, owned and run by Jeffrey Haley and his partner, Gary Vance, is one of those increasingly rare accommodations of modest ambition and moderate price. The property, which runs through to Montello Street, consists of a main house dated by the Historic District Survey as 1870 to 1890, but said by the owners and the Assessor’s Online Database to have been built before the Civil War. Perpendicular to the big house is a smaller cottage with a shed dormer that the Historic District Survey says is from the 1850s. More history and pictures»

5 Conant Street

A three-story house built between 1850 and 1870, according to the Historic District Survey; owned since 1992 by John Andrisovitz Jr., according to the Assessor’s Online Database. There are two out buildings on the property. This was the home in the 1950s and ’60s of Robert R. Meads (b ±1932), a plumber, and his wife, Pariscovia “Paris” (Pestrikoff) Meads (b ±1933), an Alaskan native whom he met when he was stationed there, in what was then the Territory of Alaska.

7 Conant Street

With No. 7, a series of remarkably similar houses begins on the east side of Conant Street: gable end to the street, door on the north end of the street front, three window bays on the second floor. It was built between 1870 and 1880, the Historic District Survey says. This was the home in the 1950s of Stanley H. Carter and Helen E. Carter. It remains in the hands of the Carter family, according to the Assessor’s Online Database.

9 Conant Street

For seven decades, beginning in 1943, the Roderick and Colligan families have owned this home; the second in a remarkably cohesive row that begins with 7 Conant. The building was constructed around 1850, according to the Historic District Survey. Arthur J. Roderick (±1906-1967) and Mary P. (Bent) Roderick (±1906-2009) bought the property in 1943, and it passed to their daughter, Yvonne (Roderick) Colligan. Roderick was a trap fisherman for his entire working life, which ended suddenly early one Sunday afternon in November 1967 when he collapsed in a dory while repairing nets in a weir trap in the harbor. He was taken back to his boat, the renowned Charlotte G., which returned him to MacMillan Pier, where Dr. Daniel H. Hiebert pronounced him dead. More pictures and history»