7 Off Cemetery Road

7 Off Cemetery Road, Provincetown (2009), by David W. Dunlap. 
Jackson Lambert (self-portrait), Provincetown (ND). Collection of Helen and Napi Van Dereck. Courtesy of Helen and Napi Van Dereck.From what one has heard of the artist Jackson Lambert (1919-2011), it seems reasonable to surmise that he would have been quietly amused by the notion of dying on a street called Off Cemetery; indeed, that he might have executed a deft cartoon on the very topic. This was his home for the last five years of his life. He moved here in 2006 from 150 Commercial Street so that Maggie, his lab, could have an enclosed yard. (Sally Rose, “Provincetown Artist Jackson Lambert Celebrates Nine Decades of Creative Life,” The Provincetown Banner/Wicked Local, 14 November 2009.)

Lambert grew up on a farm in Illinois and briefly studied art and sculpture at the University of Illinois. He was introduced to Provincetown in the 1930s by one of his professors, LaForce Bailey (1893-1962), who had studied with Charles W. Hawthorne and made it his annual habit to spent summers on the Lower Cape. (Provincetown Artist Registry.) Lambert got the idea of Provincetown pretty much right away when he spied the sandal-maker Menalkas Duncan (later of 447 Commercial Street) walking down the street dressed in a chiton. More pictures and history┬╗