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Bradford 200 1880 Atlas

1880 | Barnstable County Atlas: Property of H. & S. Cook & Company. [Collection of Ken Janson and Robert Vetrick]

1895 | 20 January, Barnstable County Registry of Deeds, Book 310, Page 124: Deed to Prince I. Freeman, from Abigail R. Cook, A. Louis Putnam, and Adelaide O. Putnam.

Bradford 200 1910 Atlas

1910 | Provincetown Atlas: Property of P. I. Freeman. [Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum]

1918 | 12 September, Barnstable County Registry of Deeds, Book 365, Page 116: Deed to Harriet Miller, from Prince I. Freeman.

1927 | A Book About the Artists, by Nancy W. Paine Smith and Billy May, Page 18: “Richard E. Miller.” [PHPP 4455]

1929 | Snow Cemetery, Truro: Elsbeth Miller headstone. [Find a Grave 113879276]

1937 | January, The American Home, Page 23: “Provincetown Carriage Barn Into Home / Home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Miller.” [PHPP 5969]

1943 | 28 January, The Provincetown Advocate: “Cape End Mourns Richard E. Miller / Noted Artist Laid to Rest Today — Honored Here and Abroad.”

1943 | Snow Cemetery, Truro: Richard Emil Miller headstone. [Find a Grave 113879249]

1944 | 4 December, Barnstable County Registry of Deeds, Book 621, Page 547: Deed to Lilly K. Christensen, from Harriet Adams Miller.

Bradford 200

1946 | June, Barnstable County Registry of Deeds, Plan Book 100, Page 37: Plan of property drawn for Lilly Christensen by John R. Dyer.

1951 | 16 August, Barnstable County Registry of Deeds, Book 790, Page 371: Deed to Eugene J. Corrigan and Jeannette B. Corrigan, from Lilly K. Christensen.

1956 | 19 July, The Provincetown Advocate: “Recent Rentals.” The Eugene Corrigan estate has been rented to “Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Yankelovitch, author, of New York City, for the season.”

1957 | 11 April, The Provincetown Advocate: “Rentals Reported by Ethel A. Ball.” The Eugene J. Corrigan house and studio has been rented to “Robert Motherwell of New York, leader and lecturer in abstract art.”

1958 | 17 July, Barnstable County Registry of Deeds, Book 1010, Page 116: Deed to Evelyn Marantz and Irving J. Marantz, from Eugene J. Corrigan and Jeannette B. Corrigan.

1959 | 31 December, The Provincetown Advocate: “Marantz Paints as Way of Life,” by Frank Crotty of The Worcester Sunday Telegram.

1960 | Snow Cemetery, Truro: Harriet Adams Miller headstone. [Find a Grave 113879259]

1972 | 15 June, The New York Times, Page 44: “Irving Marantz, 60, Painter, Sculptor.” [TimesMachine]

1972 | Town Cemetery, Provincetown: Irving J. Marantz monument. [Find a Grave 52875928]

1975 | Town Cemetery, Provincetown: Evelyn M. Marantz monument. [Find a Grave 52875959]

1977 | 15 December, Barnstable County Registry of Deeds, Book 2653, Page 333: Deed to Gabrielle Ponek and Stefan P. Ponek Jr., from Robert F. Ebin, as executor of the will of Evelyn Marantz.

1981 | 2 February, Barnstable County Registry of Deeds, Book 3235, Page 96: Deed to Gabrielle Rilleau (formerly Ponek), from Stefan P. Ponek Jr.

2014 | 10 July, UMass Boston Archives: “Gabrielle Rilleau at the Provincetown Mass. Memories Road Show: Video Interview.” [Vimeo 100451206]

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Assessor’s photograph | Parcel 12-4-146-0
Assessor’s photograph | Parcel 12-4-146-A

Assessor’s summary | Parcel 12-4-146-0
Assessor’s summary | Parcel 12-4-146-A

Property card | Parcel 12-4-146-0
Property card | Parcel 12-4-146-A

Historic survey | 200 Bradford Street [PHPP 4151]
Historic survey | 200A Bradford Street [PHPP 3750]

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