4 Priscilla Alden Road

4 Priscilla Alden Road, Provincetown (2012), by David W. Dunlap. 
"Self Portrait," by Jack Zaner (2008).The artist John S. “Jack” Zaner (b 1953) of New York, who developed his painting style in Paris in the 1980s, bought this property in 2003 from Alice L. Reis (b 1917). • MapAssessor’s Online Database ¶ Posted 2013-08-04

One thought on “4 Priscilla Alden Road

  1. I’ve received an email with this wonderful recollection:

    “I grew up in the house at 4 Priscilla Alden Road and when I was a little girl (early ’50s), Hans Hofmann and his wife, Miz, lived in the attached studio for two or three summers. I was only four or five years old, but I remember them quite well.”

    — Katherine Reis

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