5 Conwell Street

Manuel Henrique Jr. (b ±1922), a fisherman, and his wife, Elizabeth Henrique (b ±1918), lived here in the 1950s. Robert P. Silva bought this property more than a half century ago, in 1963, and still owns it, though he now lives on Dewey Avenue. He and his wife, Carol, raised their children — Amy, Scott and Shawn — in this house. Silva’s tenants include the artist Steve R. Bowersock (b 1971), curator of the Bowersock Gallery at 371-373 Commercial Street, and Michael Senger (b 1961), the director of the gallery. • Historic District Survey, main house • Historic District Survey, cottage • Historic District Survey, shed • Assessor’s Online Database ¶ Updated 2014-01-13

3 thoughts on “5 Conwell Street

  1. The property is owned currently by Bob Silva. He and his wife Carol lived there for many years, raising their three children Amy, Scott and Shawn. Later they moved to Dewey Avenue where Bob still resides. Bob still owns it and rents out the units.

  2. I lived in this house for nine years, from 1994-2003. I rented the downstairs half from Bob. I had a gallery in the new Whaler’s Wharf after the old one burned down. Before that, I was the manager of the Handcrafter for several years.

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