580 Commercial Street


The artist George Yater (1910-1993) and his wife, the artist and poet Shirley (Pell) Yater (±1912-2007), lived here in the early 1960s. (Two of his paintings can be seen on the Provincetown Artist Registry.) The Yaters met in their 20s when they were both studying with Henry Hensche.

“She was sent on a cruise to break up the romance, but that didn’t work,” Mrs. Yater’s obituary noted. “They began to live together and married in 1938 after pressure from her married sister.” They moved to Truro in 1964 after being priced out of the Provincetown housing market. (“Artist and Poet Shirley Pell Yater Dies at 95,” The Banner, 1 November 2007.)

This was also the home of Ted Robinson, a journalist who wrote the definitive history of the Beachcombers, 465A Commercial Street, in 1947.

Discerning passersby will spot the bones of a full Cape in the larger house on the left.




One thought on “580 Commercial Street

  1. David Yater and I were very good friends growing up in the East End (he was younger). I believe two maiden aunts lived upstairs in the Yater house — Sene (sp?) Shield being one — and Mrs. Robinson ran a bookstore and lived for years in the “add on.”

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