279-281 Commercial Street

Penney Patch Candies | CC’s Cape Cod Jewelry | Hair by the Sea | Bead Garden | Mojo’s

There is probably no other taffy, fudge and candy store in Provincetown — perhaps none on the face of the earth — that can claim to be source for the title of a John Waters movie. But the slogan of a candy lipstick sold by Penney Patch, “Eat up your make up,” inspired the title Eat Your Makeup (1968). This 16-millimeter short concerns a governess who kidnaps young models and forces themselves to model themselves to death in front of a crowd that includes Divine.

The Harbor Lunch restaurant was once the principal tenant. Current tenants include Mojo’s (see 5 Ryder Street Extension), CC’s Cape Cod Jewelry, Hair by the Sea and Bead Garden. ¶ Updated 2013-0819




2 thoughts on “279-281 Commercial Street

  1. The Penny Patch was a stable. The inside of the second floor still has a door in the front where the hay was brought in. The restaurant had a small fire and went out of business.

  2. 281 Commercial Street was a stable that once belonged to the Campbell Family, they ran a livery business in this stable after purchasing it from Samuel Knowles in 1893 there was also a small steamboat wharf on the property. James Campbell of 304 Commercial Street ran the business which was taken over by his son Thomas Daniel Campbell who was the street superintendent of Provincetown. In an advocate article from March 15 1934 Thomas Campbell was reported as recuperating after being overcome from carbon monoxide fumes while driving on the Watson snow plow. Thomas Campbell also served on the School Board in Provincetown.

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