336 Commercial Street

Sage Inn and Lounge

After the disastrous fire of 1990, Donald R. Edwards, whose family founded and still owns the Governor Bradford, rebuilt the Pilgrim House. While it occupies roughly the same footprint, in its new incarnation, the property was more about entertainment than accommodation, though it did have 20 guest rooms. Karen Christel Krahulik wrote in Provincetown that Edwards understood that there were enough gay bars already in town. “What was missing, he decided, was a women’s club that could compete with the successful Pied Piper,” she said. “Shortly after Vixen opened in the mid-1990s, it surpassed the Pied as the most popular women’s bar in Provincetown.”

In 2004, Edwards sold the Pilgrim House to Wayne W. Schmoyer and Rodney L. Blacklock, doing business as Pharaoh Holdings (presumably because they had a pharaoh hound named Thersis). They sold the property four years later to Shawn Nightingale. At some point during this time, a wine bar called JoonBar opened.

Diane DiCarlo and Joanne Lesczcysnki of Needham bought the property in 2011. They plan a fundamental makeover of the business into the Sage Inn & Lounge. It is to offer transient rooms at market rates during the season and at considerably discounted rates off-season for the use of nonprofit cultural organizations like the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies, on whose board Lesczcynski sits. The couple had earlier tried to buy Bill White’s Motel with the same goal.

“The idea is totally about getting more people to Provincetown in the off-season,” DiCarlo said. (Kevin Mullaney, “Sage Plan Supports Community, The Banner/Wicked Local, 30 September 2011.)




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