211-215 Commercial Street

Christina’s Jewelry | Wardrobe

This was the last home of the locally renowned Rush Fish Market, founded in 1921 by Frank E. Cabral and his brother, Joseph Cabral (d 1953). They moved the business here in 1942 and Frank operated it until 1966, when he retired. (“Fish Market Proprietor Retires After 61 Years in Business,” The Advocate, 3 November 1966.) The Cabrals were known in the West End as the “Rush Brothers” for the speeds at which they cut and wrapped fish. Christina’s Jewelry has been at No. 215 since 1982, a remarkable feat of continuity. It is owned by Christine Meegan. The Wardrobe women’s clothing boutique at No. 213 is owned by Stephen Carey.

One thought on “211-215 Commercial Street

  1. I love this history of speedy fish cleaning, Mr. Cabral was my neighbor on Atlantic Ave when I was a kid, I loved watching my dad clean fish and shuck clams, got pretty good at it myself later in life.

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