52-54 Pleasant Street

54 Pleasant Street, Provincetown (2013), by David W. Dunlap. 
52 Pleasant Street, Provincetown (2013), by David W. Dunlap.52-54 Pleasant Street Condominium

What appear to be two quite different contemporary houses on this oddly pinched lot, which wraps around to Franklin Street, are — for zoning purposes — two wings of a single two-family structure, with a common foundation wall and walkway uniting them. That was how the owners of the property, Doug Dolezal and Gregory B. Welch of Boston, persuaded the Zoning Board of Appeals in 2008 to permit the development of this project, where a single building formerly stood. (Minutes of the meeting, 17 January 2008; the property is referred to as 89 Franklin Street.)

52-54 Pleasant Street plan. From the 52 Pleasant Street Web prospectus. 

54 Pleasant Street, Provincetown (2013), by David W. Dunlap.The buildings were designed by Dolezal, a principal in the firm Dolezal Architecture + Interior Design. He and Welch occupy the main house, No. 54, a frankly modern design with what might be the most spectacular clerestory window in Provincetown. Among their civic benefactions is the Community Research Initiative of New England, an independent AIDS and H.I.V. research organization based in Boston. They have served as hosts of its annual Red Hot Jazz at the Red Inn fundraising event in July, as have their neighbors Jon Goode and Cary Raymond, at 47 Pleasant Street. In 2010, Welch and Dolezal sold 52 Pleasant Street, which is designed along more traditional lines, taking pains — with an interior photo portfolio — to present its very narrow 14-foot footprint as something desirably cozy. • Map (No. 52) • Map (No. 54) • Assessor’s Online Database, Unit 52 • Assessor’s Online Database, Unit 54 ¶ Posted 2013-07-19 

54 Pleasant Street, Provincetown (2011), by David W. Dunlap.

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