448 Commercial Street

Copper Fox

We’re in Bangs country now. The Copper Fox condominium, built in 1856, was once the home of William B. Bangs (1866-1923), the son of Perez Bangs (1847-1899) and Julia (Couillard) Bangs (1848-1907). Bangs dealt in stoves, tinware, plumbing and bicycle repairing in his store at 191 Commercial Street. He married Jennie McKenzie (b 1874), whose sister was Jessie Ann (McKenzie) Engles (d 1943). Engles was head of Crofton House and Ridgeway Refectory at Wellesley College. She lived in this house until her death in 1943, and was succeeded by her daughter Ruth Engles.

For a brief time in the early 60s, the artist Len Nezin (b 1927) had his studio here. Ruth Engles died in 1992, ending the Bangs family connection to the property after more than a century.

Six years later, the house was purchased by John S. Gagliardi after it had been “abandoned and vacant for several years, rendering it uninhabitable,” according his account on the Web site of the Foxberry Inn, 29 Bradford Street Extension, which he owns now. He transformed it into the property you see now and called it the Copper Fox, honoring his parents’ sundry shop in Albany. After eight seasons, he sold it to Kathleen Ulisse and Jacquelyn G. Abromitis, who converted it into a condominium, while keeping the name Gagliardi had bestowed.




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